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April 21st, 2008

After seeing Mom run as a way to stay fit and keep her piece of mind with three small children, my daughter, age 9, decided that she would like to begin running and eventually start to race.

As we sat down and discussed what she knew about running, I realized that she did not know much. However, she noticed that when I would run, I would have fun. She said that she wanted to be healthy, and she wanted to learn to run faster so that she would do better at sports. I told her that this was a great idea and that I would love to help her get started.

The first thing that any runner needs is some good running shoes. I explained to her the value of having shoes that would properly support your feet and help keep your body in proper alignment. Second, she would need to spend a little time stretching before and after her run. Stretching helps to prevent injury. Third, she would need to start out slowly, and gradually build up her mileage and speed.

After the quick lesson, she was ready to run. She got ready, put on her iPod, and was out the door. She came home about 10 minutes later and said that she felt great and was ready to race. It was the fastest run ever, but the important part was that she had planted a seed. She found something healthy and active that could benefit her for years to come and she wanted to pursue running for fun.

As parents, we need to encourage our children to engage in healthy activities that keep them moving, and build strong lungs and a healthy heart. Running is a great way to give your child an amazing workout in a short amount of time. Running will help them gain strength and build endurance and will help them to excel in future sports.

To find races and events in your area suitable for children, visit www.active.com.

Click here to find Parenting Tips and help with Youth Sports.

By Vanessa Lee

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