Try Baby Massage to Calm Your Infant

July 26th, 2008

It may seem that massage is a technique used only for adults who lead stressful and demanding lives. With so many ailments that strain both our minds and bodies, it is no wonder that parents benefit so much from the comforting and healing power of massage.

What about babies and even infants? It may seem strange to think that these small little bundles of joy could have any reason to feel stress or pain of any kind, but that is not the case. While somewhat new to the United States, infant massage and baby massage are making their mark and proving just how important massage is to the care and development of all babies and especially infants.

Not only will massage provide the needed touch and care that your baby’s needs and desires, but it will build a close relationship between you and your child. Experts emphasize that getting Dads. Moms, and even Grandparents involved in baby massage is a great idea.

The benefits of infant massage are exciting, and most parents would not trade the short time that they spend each day massaging their infant for anything. Infant massage contributes so much to the growth, development, and overall happiness of the child and parents.

Some of the benefits of baby or infant massage:

~Relaxation- Helping to calm your baby and their muscles, while teaching them how to relax and the importance of relaxation in life.

~Relief from pain- An infant with colic can be a strain on the entire family. Certain massage techniques can help to relieve the gas and spasm that the infant exeriencenes, and can help the digestive system to work more efficiently.

~Bonding- Spending one on one time with your infant and creating a special bond that may be hard to find in our busy lives.

~Sleep- Massage helps the baby to be relaxed and pain free, helping them sleep better, and in turn helping you sleep better.

~Health- Massage is good for your infants overall health. It promotes proper blood flow as well as increased sensory awareness and normal brain development.

There are many important techniques involved in infant massage, and likewise there are many resources available to help parents know how to properly perform infant massage.

Books, instructors, and even instructional videos are available to help you get the most out of the time you spend massaging your baby. In the meantime, get your infant in the habit of spending this relaxation time with you each day.

The environment in which you perform your infant’s massage is vital. A room that is cool and well lit does not promote the same calming effect as one that is at a comfortable temperature with dimmed lights and soft music playing. Try to create an atmosphere that would be appealing to you if you were to receive a massage. Experts suggest using a vegetable or plant oil to massage your baby rather that mineral based baby oil, which may not absorb as well.

Any way that we can start our children on the path to health and happiness in life is so helpful to both them and us as their parents. Spending the short amount of time needed to massage your baby each day will benefit them for years to come, and the bond that you will form will be priceless.

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By: Vanessa Lee

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