The Mom’s Guide to Football

August 20th, 2008

Recently my husband put a window on my desktop to inform me that it is only 11 days, 6 hours, 1 minute and 11 seconds until the start of the football season. (He’s a little excited.) Married for nineteen years and five kids later, his fall preoccupation with All American football is still a puzzle to me. So, for us less informed Moms’ who have kids and/or a husband taking part in the football craze, I offer the Mom’s guide to football.

Children who play football should be of the same age and size to avoid unnecessary injury. A well managed Pee-wee or Youth Football team will also have a balanced number of coaches per player to promote one on one instruction. For more information on getting your child ready to play football, check out the article “Prepare Your Child to Play Youth Football. In this article we offer sound advice from two expert coaches to get your child’s game on!

In the game of football there are eleven players that take the field playing either offensive or defensive positions. The team that has possession of the ball is called the offense and the team defending their goal is called the defense. Each team develops pre-set game plans to get the football past the opposing team’s line of scrimmage, down the field and into the end zone to score a touchdown of six points.

There are four timed quarters in football with a half-time. When the game is being timed, the football is in motion and it is called a play. The goal of the offense is to get the ball down the field by at least ten yards within the time-frame of four plays. Achieving a ten yard advancement is called a “first down.” Critical to the success of the team is how each player executes their position during a play when the football is in motion.

The defense is made up of seven positions. Defensive players must be able to run, block, tackle and react quickly to offensive strategy. The offense is made up of five major positions. The objective of the offensive line is to protect the football as it is hiked by the center to the quarterback for a pass, handoff or running play. Offensive players must be able to pass, block, tackle, run fast and quickly see holes in the defensive strategy.

For children who want to play football, Pop Warner Football is a national youth organization with football and cheerleading leagues throughout the country. The Pop Warner organization is well known for strict age, weight and safety requirements. Children can play, parents’ can watch and, in the end, everyone who enjoys All American football goes home a winner!


Debby Hoffer

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