The Latest and Greatest in Baby Gear at the BABY EXPO!

March 19th, 2007

The latest and greatest in baby toys and clothing was on display at one of this year’s Baby Expo expositions. Inventors of some of the latest baby toys and children’s clothing were on hand to promote their products. Tracy Smith, organizer of the Baby Expo said it was a “wonderful opportunity to create a nice symbiotic relationship between baby vendors and families” Families participated in free children’s gift giveaways as well as experienced first hand some of the latest baby toy creations. Valerie Miller, another organizer of the event, pointed out many of the most innovative children’s clothing and baby toys offered.

Monster Spray helps Scare all the Monsters Away!

Is your child scared of the dark and imagines monsters under the bed? Well, spray those bedtime dilemmas away with a new invention called Monster Spray. The snappy rhyme on the bottle says it all.

“You’re creepy, you’re crawly,
you’re slimy and smelly.
You’re hideous, you’re hairy
And you’ve got a big belly.
I’m not afraid, you don’t scare me.
I’ve got this special spray you see!
I’m not afraid, now lend your ear
Just one squirt and you disappear.”

Children scared of monsters can gently shake and spray right before bedtime wherever monsters may lurk. Monster Spray will not stain mattresses or bedding and is much more than just a bedtime novelty. Monster Spray utilizes purified water, lavender oil, and a light vanilla in its product for a pleasant, yet not, overpowering fragrance. Monster Spray is aroma therapy for children at its best and young tots as well as infants may benefit from this pleasant and soothing bedtime spray.

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