Teaching Children Joy

June 10th, 2008

With so much emphasis on early education in today’s world, some parents feel that children are missing out on a key element of life.  Joy.  By age 3, many toddlers are learning math and reading, but what about the joy that comes with accomplishing goals, creativity, and all of the other simple things in life that bring joy.

Joy School, an alternative to traditional preschool, was founded on a related belief that children suffer not from being started in academics too late, but by starting too soon, before they have a basis of social and emotional self esteem.

Joy school is a unique concept in which children are taught by a group of parents, usually from 3 to 6, who rotate as the teacher in their homes.  With very minimal costs, and complete support online with full lesson plans and music CD’s, joy school is the perfect way to take an active role in your child’s early education.

Idea’s for joy school include starting a story and letting the children use their imagination to finish it, leaving the lid off of the popcorn maker and singing songs while the popcorn pops all over the room, as well as many other learning games and handouts.

If you are like many parents who would like to take initiative into making sure that your child learns the importance of joy, imagination, and creativity, you may want to look into joy school and see if it works for you.  With over 200,000 graduates, it is quickly becoming a new learning trend and helping kids learn important values, and of course they are having a great time.

Learn more about teaching children joy.  Your guide to finding your child the right preschool at Child N Parent.

By Vanessa Lee

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