ONEiTY, Beautiful Baby Clothing and Help For Those in Need

March 29th, 2007

Children’s clothing made from hand worked designs and beautiful fabrics are the ONEiTY hallmark. The people at ONEiTY wanted to create something different for their children. “Our culture is all about mass production and some of the stuff out there for little kids is just too edgy. I want my little girl to look like a little girl, not like a pop star.” ONEiTY baby clothing and children’s clothing is definitely not the mass production norm.

Original designs that span the globe with beautiful fabric and colors are what ONEiTY has to offer in its children’s clothing line. Designs originate from Paris and other European countries that offer hand-worked designs that are not available or just too expensive for the average U.S. consumer.

The neat thing about ONEiTY is that it’s not just about oneself. With every clothing purchase, ONEiTY gives back a portion of that purchase to a third world country business or local charity. Each piece of clothing is specially tagged saying your purchase will help another country. For example “By buying this piece of clothing you are helping to purchase a computer for a business in Madagascar” Not only does ONEiTY provide the average consumer the opportunity to purchase beautiful children’s clothing, ONEiTY also helps the consumer feel good by giving back to those in need, both globally and locally. The company’s logo states that “ONEiTY is not just about adorable clothes-it’s about effortlessly making your dollar expand to reach others in need.” ONEiTY is an innovative clothing company all around.

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