My Daughter’s Garden

May 24th, 2008

As spring was approaching, my daughter started asking if we could plant a garden this year.  The word garden is a very frightening word for me.  Not only have I never attempted to plant a garden, but I have never really been able to grow much of anything.  Needless to say my lack of a “green thumb” has always stopped me from gardening, despite my love for fresh from the garden veggies.

I thought about it and realized that a garden would be a great way for my daughter to learn a skill that I have always wished I had, and would be a self-esteem builder should anything actually grow.

Together, we read up on gardening and decided that a raised bed garden would be our best bet.  She helped me get everything ready, and carefully chose what she wanted to grow.  Pumpkins, carrots, peas, and of course corn.  I explained that in order to have a garden, we could not have any weeds.  She happily went around the yard and pulled out all of our weeds.  Already having a garden was working to my advantage.

We prepared our soil, carefully planted each seed, and she began to water her garden and check daily for any signs of life.  Already she is telling everyone about her very own garden, and cannot wait to show her friends what she has done.

We are anxiously awaiting the first vegetable that she can pick from the garden she prepared for, took care of, and made her own.  While we still have a few months to wait, this experience has taught both of us a valuable lesson.  She has learned that with hard work and patience you can accomplish your goals, and as her Mother, I have learned that trying new things can be very rewarding and a great way to teach our children.

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By: Vanessa Lee

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