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May 12th, 2008

We know that spending quality time with our kids is really important and is the perfect way to bond with our children. However, what some of us Mothers often forget is the importance of spending quality time alone, away from the kids, Mom Time, so that we do not forget who we are and what we love to do.

While playing with Barbie’s is very exciting, it is nice to take time away from wishing you had Barbie’s life, to actually having it for a night. Going out with some girlfriends and shopping, getting your hair and nails done, or going to a movie can be just the break necessary to help clear your mind and have some adult conversation.

While taking your child out to dinner may work most of the time, imagine you and your husband, out for the night without having to feed someone else, worry about all of the spilt food on the floor, or rush outside when your baby is crying and coming back to cold food.

I have seen first hand that sanity goes hand in hand with Mom Time. I feel the difference when it has been a while since I have been “alone” or done something just for me. Once I get out for a few hours I come back refreshed and realize that I actually do like my kids. After all, how can you miss them when they are always with you? You can’t!

In the rare case that it has been so long since you had a moment to yourself, you may be wondering what you would do if you were kid free for a few hours. Here are a few ideas. I already mentioned shopping, getting your hair or nails done, and a movie with friends. There is always date night with your significant other, including dinner, where you will actually be able to carry on a conversation. Have you thought about taking a walk or a drive? What about a trip to the grocery store or to your favorite craft store?

Whatever you do, remember to spend the time doing grown up things, and as tempting as it may be to talk about or think about your kids the whole time, don’t! This is your time to get away.

And, of course, use the advice at Child N Parent on Parenting Tips to help keep your sanity.

By: Vanessa Lee

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