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October 13th, 2007

Since school has started and my children have stepped up a grade, they seem determined to let me know just how big they really are. Whether its my three year old insisting on brushing his own teeth (picture toothpaste everywhere), my first grader wanting to do her own hair (picture many, many barrettes at once), or my 3rd grader fixing her own after school snack (picture chocolate syrup on any food imaginable), it’s clear my kids are growing up.

Independence is good, but sometimes can lead to conflict as kids try to push the boundaries.

We’ve had our share of tiffs in my home as we try to re-establish a school routine and decide what my kids can and cannot do. Those pesky “other people’s parents” seem to be able to throw a wrench in things, but it’s important for our family to establish our own patterns and rules.

Today a couple of things reminded me despite all the “good parenting” I try to do, the most important thing I can give my children is love.

In order to sign my kids up for basketball at the local community center, I had to sit through a 20-minute video presentation reminding me to be a good sport (i.e. don’t yell at the refs, coaches, or kids) because after all, it’s just for fun.

It was sad to see some of the kids on the video talk about how they feel when their parents yell at them from the sideline. It was a good reminder for me to let my kids have fun. After all, they’re never going to go pro out of high school — no matter how good of a sideline coach I am.

Last night, before bed, I read my kids two great stories, “I Love You Stinky Face” by Lisa McCourt and “The Garden”, a “Frog and Toad” story by Arnold Lobel. The first taught me my kids need to know I’ll always love them – no matter what. The second showed me all growing things respond to love better than criticism.

Visit childnparent’s articles on parenting tips and youth sports for more advice and feel free to share a few insights of your own.

Good luck and have fun,

Megan C. Wallgren

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