Honey, the Better Treatment for Your Child’s Cough?

January 15th, 2008

Remember the unbearable taste, not to mention aftertaste of the cough syrup your Mother gave you as a child?  Over the years cough syrup has improved and has become more bearable, however most children still put up a fight when they know they have to take a spoonful of the dreaded syrup.  What if there was an alternative?  Something that your child already likes that could help treat their cough?

According to a new study in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, children who got honey had less cough and better sleep.  The study, which was funded by the honey industry, found that honey was more effective than an over-the-counter cold medicine at calming a cough when given to children at bedtime.  A leading theory says that honey can soothe a sore throat.

These findings are especially notable since an FDA advisory board recently recommended that over-the-counter cough and cold medicines not be given to children less than 6 years old because of their lack of effectiveness and potential for side effects.

Honey also contains antioxidants.  Studies show it may help fight disease causing germs, and the researchers say that the darker the honey, the bigger the benefits.  Scientists in this study used Buckwheat Honey and gave kids two to five years old a half teaspoon before bedtime.  Children six to eleven took a full teaspoon, and older kids were given two teaspoons.

However, honey should NEVER be given to kids under the age of one.  Honey has botulism spores and young children can absorb those spores and get very sick with botulism, which can be life threatening.

Next time your child (one year or older) is suffering with a cough try honey, as it may be cough treatment the way nature intended it.

Always consult a medical professional for accurate diagnosis and medical treatment (See our disclaimer).

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By Vanessa Lee

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