Give your Baby Safety and Security with a Baby Sling

June 18th, 2008

Bringing home your newborn baby is such an exciting experience. With the new sights, sounds and smells of a home environment, your baby will have a lot to get used to. You can be an anchor of safety and security as you snuggle them in a baby sling.

Carrying your baby in a baby sling recreates the soothing experience of being in the womb. As you move, the rocking and swaying motions will be soothing and familiar to your newborn.

In a baby sling, your new baby can adjust to new household sounds while hearing your comforting voice in the background. As your baby grows older, turning them around or to the side so that they can observe what is going on will help them learn new things about their environment.

Baby slings prevent wear and tear on back muscles from continuous bending, lifting and carrying. With a baby sling, you can comfortably carry your baby for one to two hours saving your back and arms from aches.

Carrying your baby in a baby sling allows you to bond with your baby while becoming more familiar with their personality. Unravel the mystery behind feeding, changing, sleeping and burping times by easily carrying and closely observing your baby.

Baby slings leave a busy parent with both hands free to accomplish important household tasks. Want to clean your house or help your older child with math; strap on a baby sling and get things done!

By: Debby Hoffer

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