Get the Fun Going for Your Child With Tee Ball!

April 25th, 2008

With spring here, its time to get your child ready to take off in tee ball!  This exciting sport gives children experience in running, coordination, muscle strength and cooperative teamwork skills.  Working with your child on basic tee ball drills will help them get ready to play a better game.

Soft Sock Ball Grounders

This fun inside drill helps a child get ready to catch grounders.  Roll up one or two socks into a big softball. Have your child stand several feet away and roll the soft sock ball in a straight line toward the child.  Have your child practice using the mitt by scooping up the sock ball in a clutch.  Point out that the clutched mitt is like an alligator with a mouth that opens and closes. Practicing the alligator clutch over and over will encourage the habit of squeezing the mitt whenever the ball is in it.

Running the Bases

Small children can get easily confused by which way to run, especially during an exciting game.  In the backyard or at a park, set up a baseball diamond with three bases and a home plate.  Have your child run the bases touching on each one briefly while yelling out which base they are on.  This experience helps build confidence and gives your child a directional map so they know which way to run during an actual game.

For great help on sporting drills, coaching your child’s team, selecting a bat and saving money on sporting equipment be sure to read our tee ball article at  Child n’Parent.

By Debby Hoffer

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