Fun in the Sun Activities for Kids !

April 15th, 2008

Springtime is here and its time for fun in the sun with inexpensive outdoor activities for kids.  In the last twenty years, the number of overweight children in the United States has doubled making child obesity a serious parental concern.  Outdoor games can help parents and kids stay in shape and create lasting memories in your own backyard!

Red Rover Red Rover
This old fashioned game involves running and stretching.  Divide children into two teams with one team situated on either side of the backyard.   Have the children stand in a line, face forward while stretching out their arms and clasping hands.  One team starts the game by calling “Red Rover, Red Rover send (child’s name) right over.”  The child named runs to the other team and tries to break through the clasped hands.  If the child cannot break through, they return to their original team.    If the child does break through, have them join hands with the opposing team. The next team then takes a turn. Play the game until each child has had a running turn.

Duck, Duck Goose
This is a fun game for small preschool children which involves running and memory skills.  Have the children sit in a circle.  Pick one child to be it.  Have the child walk around the circle tapping each child on the head saying duck.  When the child is ready to run, have them tap a child and say goose.  The child tapped as the goose then gets up and runs around the circle chasing the other child until he or she finds a spot in the circle to sit down.  If the goose child taps the duck child before sitting down, the duck child is out.  Play the game until each child has had a turn.

The Two-Legged Relay Race
This game teaches teamwork, running and coordination skills.  Divide children into two teams and have them buddy up with a partner.  Have them stand with their legs side by side.  Take an old rag and tie it securely around the left leg of one partner to the right leg of the other partner.  Putting their arms across their shoulders, have them practice running across the yard.  Set a starting point and have the first two teams race across the yard and back to the next set of buddies.  Each set of buddies takes a turn tying the rag around the legs and racing across the yard.   The first team to finish wins!

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By:  Debby Hoffer

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