Exciting Medical Device Gets Rid of Headlice!

March 24th, 2008

Getting rid of head lice will soon be an easier battle for parents and medical persons alike!  The LouseBuster, designed and tested by several people at the University of Utah, is a medical device which can kill lice in one simple dry air treatment. Currently, the LouseBuster is undergoing clinical studies with the hope to obtain FDA clearance by the end of 2008.

Randy Block, President and COO of Larada Sciences, which is a licensee for the LouseBuster device, shared his hopes for the LouseBuster’s future;  “In the United States we could very possibly have this sold to schools, school districts, for school nurses to potentially treat kids right on the premises. Another method would be to sale it to medical professionals so that a person with head lice could get treated at their family doctor.”

Block goes on to speak about lice specialty services and how the LouseBuster could revolutionize the industry “One day a person with head lice will be able to go to one of these specialty clinics or have a mobile service either come to their school or come to their house and perform the LouseBuster treatment right on site.”

Eradicating head lice in one simple treatment at home or at school can save parents both time and money!  For more information on the LouseBuster, see our article  “Medical Breakthrough Wipes out Headlice, the LouseBuster” under Health Topics.

By:  Debby Hoffer

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