Create the Perfect Children Bedtime Routine

November 20th, 2007

Our house has always turned into the crazy house come bedtime. Taking two hours to get the kids in bed, or at least getting the kids to stay in bed was a nightly battle for us. By the time they were actually asleep, my husband and I were exhausted ourselves, not to mention frustrated and ready to sleep. One day we decided that we were done fighting with our kids every night. Enough was enough.

Now, at 7 o’clock, the kids know that it is time to start our nightly routine. We do the same routine every night so that there is not any confusion and by 7:30, all of the kids are asleep. We have heard of families like this, but never thought it could happen to us. Yes, it was a hard adjustment, but we remained firm and now bedtime is Mom’s favorite time of day.

Choose the children’s bedtime routine that is right for your family. You will not only provide your children with structure that they need, but will give mom and dad the time that they need.

Start by compiling a list of everything that needs to be done before the kids get in bed, things like brushing teeth, getting in pajamas, preparing for the next day, and story time. Once you know how long these things take, you will know when to start preparing for bedtime. Most important, let your kids know that you mean business. Reward your children for going to bed on time, and be firm and fair with bad behavior. After just a few nights they will be on schedule and you will have happier kids, and very happy parents.

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By Vanessa Lee

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