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April 8th, 2009

We are honored to be included in the list of  Top 100 Baby and Children’s Health Blogs published by The Ultrasound Technician Schools organization.  The list and other topics on health and safety can be found at Top Children’s Health Blogs.

Congratulations to our talented writers Debby Hoffer, Megan Wallgren, Vanessa Lee, Dawn Blankenship, Stephanie Moore, Dr. Kristi, Destiny, Brandi Ellis and all the others.  Their research and writing craft has been given generously and they have often invited us into their lives with their own personal experiences.

Child n’Parent  is especially proud of these posts on Children’s Health and Children’s Safety:

Child Proofing Your Home

In today’s economy, every dollar counts. There are many “child proofing” experts out there that would be happy to charge you hundreds and even thousands of dollars to child proof your home.  The big secret is that you can do it yourself for very little cost.

Healthy Meals for Kids When Eating Out

Dining out is challenging enough for adults but when it comes to kids, the challenge is even greater. Even though many sit-down and fast food restaurants are adding healthier adult dining options, the meal choices for the little ones are still surprisingly high in calories and fat. When surveying the kid’s menu at fast food restaurants, the standard seems to be fried chicken nuggets or chicken strips served alongside a serving of greasy French fries. It would almost be a joke to call this meal low fat or nutritionally sound. If you’re looking for a healthy menu for kids at a restaurant or fast food stop, what are your options?

Flu Shot or Not?

Flu season is on its way.  Though getting a flu shot may seem like a no brainer to some, at $20 a shot for my family of six, I want to know if it’s really necessary.

Honey, the Better Treatment for Your Child’s Cough?

Remember the unbearable taste, not to mention aftertaste of the cough syrup your Mother gave you as a child?  Over the years cough syrup has improved and has become more bearable, however most children still put up a fight when they know they have to take a spoonful of the dreaded syrup.  What if there was an alternative?  Something that your child already likes that could help treat their cough?

When Your Baby Has a Fever

Babies have underdeveloped temperature control systems. Mosquito bites, bee stings, allergic reactions, viral infections, bacterial infections- all of these can cause an infant to burn. Usually, a fever occurs when the body detects an unwelcome presence. By raising the heat, the body makes itself inhospitable to germs and wakes up white blood cells.  Fever also activates the body’s immune system.

We are also proud of our writers for the great parenting resources they provide on Child n’Parent with articles on Child Health and Child Safety.

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