Child n’Parent’s Pregnancy Survival 101

July 6th, 2009

Deciding to get pregnant is like enrolling in a major college or university.  You will need to learn a great deal about nutrition, morning sickness, prenatal testing, nursery preparation and, the most interesting fact of all, how to expand your already expanded waist band.  Although pregnancy is full of wondering moments, fortunately, you do not have to wonder for long.  Child n’Parent’s mothers and experts can get you and your baby on the right course with our Pregnancy Survival 101.

Are You Ready to Have a Baby?
Make no mistake; pregnancy will change your whole life.  This article explores issues behind the decision such as infertility, miscarriage and nutrition.  Learn how to evaluate if your current home is an ideal environment for a new baby.

Is my Baby Healthy?
This question weighs heavily on every new mommy’s mind.  Calm your anxiety by learning the facts about prenatal testing.  Find out what the different results could mean for you and your baby.

Getting ready to be a Big Brother or Big Sister
Bringing home a new baby can bring on some jealous feelings from older siblings.  Learn how to help your older child make the necessary mental adjustments.  Bringing baby home will then be a joyful experience for both you and your child.

Hormones, Morning Sickness and Healthy Baby
Okay, throwing up is not the fun part of pregnancy.  Learning about the different hormones behind your morning sickness will help you understand the changes going on within your body.  Also, find out how morning sickness is a good sign that your baby is developing.

Mapping Out a Plan to Handle Morning Sickness
For the first three months, getting out of the bathroom is a major goal for most new mommies.  This article can help you map out a plan to handle the morning sickness monster.

Morning Sickness Relief
Still having trouble?  Let these suggestions and natural home remedies get you out of the bathroom and into your day!

Exercise Can Make You Feel Better During Pregnancy
Now you are out of the throw up stage and into the big and bloated stage.  Find out how exercise during pregnancy can make you feel better!  Pick up valuable tips on how to exercise safely to protect both you and your baby.

All about Pregnancy Massage
The pain running down your leg is excruciating.  Find out how massage therapy can soothe away your aches and pains.  Review our pregnancy massage checklist to find a massage therapist that is right for you.

The Signs and Symptoms of Miscarriage
It is sad, but sometimes, a pregnancy is just not meant to be.  Find out how to tell if you are having a miscarriage or just a regular period.   Learn about the five stages of grief and get some tips on how to recover both physically and emotionally from a miscarriage.

By Debby Hoffer

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