Causes of the Common Cold in Babies

February 9th, 2009

You’re expecting a baby soon or just had one. You’re babysitting an infant or toddler for the first time. You’ve just set up your toddlers first playdate. These three scenarios have one thing in common beyond the obvious. With over 100 viruses that cause the common cold lurking about, the very real possibility of catching the common cold awaits babies no matter what the scenario. Knowing the causes of the common cold in babies is, as they say, half the battle. Following are some instances to help enumerate the most common causes for the common cold in babies.

Common Cold Viruses Adrift in the Air

You just had a baby not long ago and someone visiting you and the baby is, unbeknownst to him or you, infected with a common cold virus in its most contagious part of the cycle, the shedding stage, and suddenly without warning sneezes into the air. Roughly, 40,000 droplets of what just came out if his nose is now set adrift in the immediate surrounding air. No actions are taken by anyone to avoid the contaminated snotlet droplets now floating around the baby, because it was just a little sneeze and doesn’t mean much. Two days later your baby has a 101.5º temperature and can’t breathe but out of his mouth.

Common Cold Viruses Stick To Your Hand Like Glue

You just landed your third babysitting gig for your mom’s friends who have a two year old toddler. You only get to watch her for two hours, but that’s twenty dollars you didn’t have before, right! Come 6 pm you arrive at the Smiths’ house and just before you ring the doorbell you cover your mouth with your hand like you’ve been taught when you cough. A quick passing though crosses your mind, ” I wonder if I’m getting sick, since I started coughing at school today and just now, again.” Just then the door opens and the Smiths are so happy you’re there and you follow them inside to the adorable waiting baby whose outstretched hands have been waiting for yours. It wouldn’t matter if it had been a couple of hours after you coughed into your hand, because you couldn’t get to the crook of your arm or into your shoulder fast enough, or just before you started holding hands with the baby. Common cold viruses stick to your hands like glue.

Common Cold Viruses Contaminate Innocent Playthings

You’ve been awaiting your little toddlers playdate with greater anticipation than your toddler. Finally, you and toddler in tow make your way to where the other three parents and toddlers are meeting. All sorts of toys have been collected together for the occasion, and all of the parents have been very conscientious about disinfecting whatever they brought to the toy pool now in the center of the room. All of the toddlers have been enjoying themselves playing with the toys, but you notice your toddler has since gravitated toward one of his favorite things to play with-the remote control-and has it in a death-grip because he knows at some point you’re going to suddenly pop up and take it away. You wrestle your friends remote control away from your toddler, and innocently enough neither you or your friend realize that someone contaminated it with a common cold virus only a couple of hours earlier. Every toy in the place is clean, but not that one innocent plaything toddler just has to have in his mouth whenever he gets a chance.

Whether by air, human touch or contaminated surfaces, the causes or situations where a common cold virus can make its way into your baby’s or toddler’s system are quite numerous. While most everyone is aware of how a baby can catch a cold, how many of us are as avidly conscientious about protecting the baby or toddler from catching the common cold as we should be.

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By:  T. H. Pankey

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