A Woman and Her Castle Bread

November 25th, 2007

“Look kids,” my husband exclaimed excitedly, “we are having castle bread for dinner.” I had to smile at my husband’s remarkable attempt to smooth over another one of my attempts at homemade wheat bread. Instead of turning out smooth and rounded, the way bread is supposed to look; it was sunk in the middle with pointy castle peaks on each side. With its wheat texture, it looked just like a dilapidated sand castle whose tide had come in.

In spite of all the “poke fun” dinner table comments, I did learn the secret magic about bread making. As I was gathering all of the necessary ingredients, I suddenly had two little helpers that, more than anything, wanted to sit on the counter and help mom make bread. As my little ones helped me mix and knead the strange stuff, we laughed and joked. It put a magical spark into my otherwise hum drum day. It also gave me opportunity to reflect how thankful I am for my little ones and their willingness to help mom in a pinch.

This bread making episode was just the sort of magical moment I want to have more often with my kids. I also learned that creating a magical moment of family bonding makes me a fairy princess in my own right; flour covered nose and all. This fairy princess is still smiling inwardly at her husband’s princely comment, and I just have to add that nothing should stand between the magic of a woman and her castle bread.

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By: Debby Hoffer

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