A New Prince in My Life

February 20th, 2008

As the princess of my castle, it stands to reason that the only prince in my life should be my husband. But there is a new guy in the family picture. He is my new puppy and stands about a foot tall, is devilishly handsome with soft brown eyes, caramel brown fur and a black snout.

It was a process of delicate negotiation to try and come up with an appropriate name for our new doggy. After holding a family council, at the round table, the official vote of our five kids finally came down to “Prince Edmund.” The name was expanded after our Prince went on an unapproved crusade and killed our gerbil, Peanut. A grisly affair that I will not go into except to say that his official name is now “Prince Edmund, gerbil slayer.”

This dog has brought substantial excitement into this princesses hum drum life. For the first week we had jousting tournaments over who was going to feed him, now I’m paying reward money for anyone who will feed him. In a very short time he has chewed through two pairs of shoes and gone on more unapproved crusades than I can count; spreading garbage throughout my beloved castle.
It is a lot of work keeping up with this prince, but well worth the effort. When anyone comes to the door, it’s nice to know that he will bark and be another champion defender in my life. It is also is a great laugh as I watch my five kids get and give slobbery good night kisses to this sweet little Prince. So to those of you wondering what to get your family for that special bonding, I say, stock up on the dog food, and get another prince in your life. You won’t regret it.

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By Debby Hoffer

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