Get More Bang for Your Buck on Back to School Supplies

August 13th, 2008

It’s time for back to school shopping. Families already feeling the crunch of increased food and fuel costs are looking for ways to send their kids back to school in style, and still save a little cash. These super saver tips can help you get more bang for your buck on back to school supplies!

1. Make a back to school shopping list. Determine what your child needs in back to school clothes by going through their closet. Decide what your child can wear and what is needed to fill in the gaps. Look for clothing you can mix and match to make more outfits. Local thrift stores often have great deals on gently used brand name clothing. Consignment stores’, like Just Between Friends, are a great opportunity for back to school bargains’. You can sell your child’s smaller sized clothing and save big on back to school clothes in a bigger size.

For the classroom, you will want to create a back to school shopping list for each child. Buy basic back to school supplies such as pencils and erasers. Wait until you get a supply list from the teacher before shopping for back to school classroom supplies.

2. Budget. Once you decide on a back to school budget, stick to it. That doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on something your child really wants, you’ll just have to cut back in a different area. If you buy brand new name brand jeans, you’ll have to get no-name shirts and shoes. Don’t be afraid to say no. Adults don’t get whatever they want just by throwing a tantrum and children need to learn how to positively deal with disappointment.

3. Comparison shop. Shop smart for back to school supplies by looking through the back to school ads. Stores often have door-buster items meant to get you in the store. By hitting several different stores and buying just the door-busters, you can get more items at discounted prices. Try to find stores in one local area to save both time and gas.

4. Spread the cost. By starting early, you can not only spread out the cost of back to school, you can also avoid the crowds. Buy just what you need to get your kids started, then wait until the back to school items are on sale to finish off the shopping. Kids can wear shorts the first few weeks and short sleeves well into the fall. You can get discounted jeans and long sleeved shirts just in time for cooler weather. Scan and shop the sales racks for stuff to be saved for next year.

5. Buy quality. Good quality back to school stuff may cost a little more up front, but will save you money in the long run. Kids are especially hard on shoes. If you buy a pair now at $15, but have to buy another pair in three months, it really doesn’t save you any money. Let your kids know you expect them to take good care of their school clothes and back to school supplies so that they will last through out the school year.

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By: Megan C. Wallgren

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