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The Perfect Pregnancy Book

When I was pregnant I searched high and low for the perfect book on pregnancy.  I had in my mind what I needed in a pregnancy “handbook” but as hard as I looked I couldn’t find one that had covered everything I wanted and needed to know without boring me to death, or telling me about things that would likely never happen to me that scared me to death.  Total, I ended up buying three different books and another for my husband in hopes that we could cover all of our bases.

I spent hours reading and researching, and by the time I was done I was a bored, paranoid, emotional Mother -To-Be worried that I would forget something important or miss a sign and lose my baby.  It was terrible.  Looking back three pregnancies later I have to laugh.  After all, it is just pregnancy, and while it is very important, it is also something that our bodies do naturally and if we just stick to the basics our babies will be born fine, and we can actually enjoy our pregnancies.

Now, I have had numerous friends and family members who have gone through the same things as I did, and at the end, we sit back and joke about all of the silly things we did and worried about, and wonder why no-one told us the truth about pregnancy.

There are things that we were never told that really end up happening to most women.  Instead we were told the things that we had a one in a million chance of experiencing.  It made me angry, and I wanted to help other women so that they could focus on the important things; the things that really happen, and give them advice to make pregnancy what it should be;  A joyful and fun experience!

I was so excited to have the opportunity to co-write an amazing book called My Bloomin Belly.  This book is funny, packed with vital information, and walks women through pregnancy step by step.  I think that my favorite thing about this book is the real advice it gives.  It tells you what your options are and helps you make decisions that will be best for you, your baby, and your partner.  You get views from Doctors and Midwives.  Real pictures of a baby growing inside of a mother, not just drawings, will amaze you!  You will laugh at true stories of crazy things women have done while pregnant, and probably even relate.

If you buy just one book while you are pregnant, this is the one you must have!  It comes with another book packed with tips on getting financial assistance while pregnant and after, and has many topics that answer questions that we know every mother will have at some point during her pregnancy.

I know that you will love “My Bloomin Belly a Pregnancy Calendar Plus”.  Everyone that has read it tells me how amazing it is, and how they cannot live without it.  I wish you the best pregnancy, and hope that this book will help you enjoy it just a little more.

My Bloomin Belly is available at

By:  Brandi Ellis

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Will St. John’s wort Help Children With ADHD?

ADHD is a relatively common diagnosis marked by hyperactivity, behavior problems, and inability to focus or complete a task. It’s thought that up to five percent of children suffer from ADHD with boys being more commonly affected than girls. No one knows exactly what causes this disorder although environmental toxins and a genetic predisposition have both been proposed.

Many parents are reluctant to use prescription medications to treat children with ADHD due to concern about potential side effects. For this reason, many parents have turned to alternative remedies to treat their kids. One such remedy that’s used is a herbal treatment known as St. John’s wort available from local health food stores. St. John’s wort has received attention in the past for its possible role in treating depression. Does St. John’s wort for ADHD work?

St. John’s wort in treating children with ADHD

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association this year assessed the role of St. John’s wort in treating children with ADHD. A group of fifty-four children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD were given St. John’s wort or a placebo three times a day for a period of two months. At several points during the study and at the end of the two month period, the children were clinically evaluated for changes in their symptoms as well as to determine any adverse reactions to the herb. Although there were no adverse reactions, the investigators found no improvement in symptoms in the group given St. John’s wort  relative to the placebo group.

St. John’s wort for depression in children

Although some, but not all, studies have shown that St. John’s wort for depression is as effective as standard anti-depressant medications, at least from this study, it doesn’t appear to be effective for treatment of ADHD in children. This is disappointing in light of parental concern about using prescription medications for ADHD treatment.

Conventional drug treatment of St. John’s wort has characteristically included stimulants such as Ritalin and short acting amphetamines such as Dexedrine. Although the majority of children do respond to these medications, side effects can include insomnia, personality changes, and problems with social interactions. Behavioral therapy is also generally used in conjunction with medications.

Although St. John’s wort for ADHD would have been an appealing natural alternative with its lack of significant side effects, there’s no documented evidence that it works and this controlled study, although small, found no benefit. Although there’s been some focus on dietary changes such as limiting sugar as an ADHD treatment, this also hasn’t been proven to be effective. The role of food additives such as preservatives and food coloring has also been proposed to play a role in ADHD symptoms. Limiting processed and packaged foods may be worth a try to see if the symptoms improve.

The bottom line? Disappointingly, there’s no real evidence that St. John’s wort for ADHD treatment works.

Learn more about help for parents with their children’s health at Child n’Parent.

By:   Vanessa Lee

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Build Your Baby’s Confidence

The first moment that you gaze into your newborn baby’s eyes, you know that life will never be the same.  In an instant, someone smaller than a watermelon becomes incalculably more important and precious to you than anything else in the world.  We wonder about our children’s future and strive to give them everything they need to become happy, healthy, and confident individuals.  Believe it or not, experts have concluded that process begins right away, before your baby can do much more than eat, sleep, and—well, you know.  Here a few simple things you can do to give your baby the best start possible.

Hold your baby often.

Taking care of your baby is much more than bottles and diaper changes.  You are actually helping your baby to thrive while enjoying your cuddle times with them!  Your baby will instinctively know your scent and find comfort nuzzled up to you.  Children who are held often know not just that they will be taken care of when they have a physical need, but that they are loved as well.  Don’t worry about “spoiling” your baby during the first six months or so of life.  Making sure they get plenty of physical contact each day will actually give them the security they need as they get older to handle being apart from you.  You don’t have to carry them in a sling all day long or give up the crib for your bed; just be sure to give your baby some quality time each day.

Talk to your baby often.

No, newborns won’t know what you’re saying, but the sooner you begin communicating verbally to them, the sooner they will begin to understand you.  Talking with your child encourages brain activity and gives them the attention they need as well.  If you’re not sure what to say to a gurgling little being that can’t do anything but make spit bubbles in response to you, just say the things you are doing at the moment.  For example, “I’m going to pick you up and change your diaper now,” or, “I am putting three scoops of formula into your bottle.”  What you say, sing, or coo to your baby isn’t the important thing.  They simply want to hear your voice and have their presence acknowledged.

Encourage your baby often.

Experts say that children need to hear ten positive comments to every one negative comment received.  Set the precedence of being an encouraging parent early on.  A newborn may not be able to understand you, but they do understand your body language and the tone of your voice.  Tell them how thankful you are to have the opportunity to raise them and how wonderful you think they are.  As your infant begins to grow and develop, clap for them, congratulate them, and encourage them in any way you can.  Make sure they see that twinkle in your eye that says they are your pride and joy every day.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to give your baby everything they need to grow up to be happy, secure individuals.  You really don’t need to spend a fortune on educational videos and parenting self-help books.  As it turns out, all your baby really needs is the one thing you are sure to always have:  love.

Find more help to get your infant to sleep through the night and better bottle feeding at Child n’Parent.

By:  Destiny

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