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Give your Baby Safety and Security with a Baby Sling

Bringing home your newborn baby is such an exciting experience. With the new sights, sounds and smells of a home environment, your baby will have a lot to get used to. You can be an anchor of safety and security as you snuggle them in a baby sling.

Carrying your baby in a baby sling recreates the soothing experience of being in the womb. As you move, the rocking and swaying motions will be soothing and familiar to your newborn.

In a baby sling, your new baby can adjust to new household sounds while hearing your comforting voice in the background. As your baby grows older, turning them around or to the side so that they can observe what is going on will help them learn new things about their environment.

Baby slings prevent wear and tear on back muscles from continuous bending, lifting and carrying. With a baby sling, you can comfortably carry your baby for one to two hours saving your back and arms from aches.

Carrying your baby in a baby sling allows you to bond with your baby while becoming more familiar with their personality. Unravel the mystery behind feeding, changing, sleeping and burping times by easily carrying and closely observing your baby.

Baby slings leave a busy parent with both hands free to accomplish important household tasks. Want to clean your house or help your older child with math; strap on a baby sling and get things done!

By: Debby Hoffer

2 comments June 18th, 2008

Teaching Children Joy

With so much emphasis on early education in today’s world, some parents feel that children are missing out on a key element of life.  Joy.  By age 3, many toddlers are learning math and reading, but what about the joy that comes with accomplishing goals, creativity, and all of the other simple things in life that bring joy.

Joy School, an alternative to traditional preschool, was founded on a related belief that children suffer not from being started in academics too late, but by starting too soon, before they have a basis of social and emotional self esteem.

Joy school is a unique concept in which children are taught by a group of parents, usually from 3 to 6, who rotate as the teacher in their homes.  With very minimal costs, and complete support online with full lesson plans and music CD’s, joy school is the perfect way to take an active role in your child’s early education.

Idea’s for joy school include starting a story and letting the children use their imagination to finish it, leaving the lid off of the popcorn maker and singing songs while the popcorn pops all over the room, as well as many other learning games and handouts.

If you are like many parents who would like to take initiative into making sure that your child learns the importance of joy, imagination, and creativity, you may want to look into joy school and see if it works for you.  With over 200,000 graduates, it is quickly becoming a new learning trend and helping kids learn important values, and of course they are having a great time.

Learn more about teaching children joy.  Your guide to finding your child the right preschool at Child N Parent.

By Vanessa Lee

5 comments June 10th, 2008

Soothe Your Baby to Sleep

As a young mother with a newborn baby, getting enough sleep for myself was one of my primary concerns. With a job and busy household routine, sleep was beginning to look like a far off dream. I soon discovered that a regular naptime routine would help soothe my baby to sleep.

Sleeping patterns for the first two weeks at home are hard to define as your baby is adjusting to the new environment. After two weeks, your baby should start to fall into some type of sleep pattern. Make mental notes of when they sleep and what soothes them to sleep. Making naptime easier will help preserve your sleep time and your family’s routine. Here are some things that work for making your baby’s naptime easier:

  • Make sure your baby is well fed, clean and comfortable. If they are crying before a regular sleep time, try and define the problem. Are they over stimulated? Do they need a little more burp time? Are they experiencing any kind of gastric distress? Taking care of these problems related to your baby’s distress is key to soothing your baby to sleep.
  • Swaddle your baby or cuddle them in a soft blanket. Swaddling is an ancient art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Many modern moms use this technique and believe it is a sure cure for fussiness and general naptime dilemmas.
  • Find your baby’s favorite position to be held. Some babies like to be cradled while others prefer falling asleep while lying in their mother’s lap. Learn your baby’s preferences and use your baby’s preferred holding position just before naptime.
  • Using a preferred holding position, gently sway or rock your baby to sleep while singing a lullaby or playing gentle background music. Gentle sounds can help to calm and soothe.
  • Once asleep, be sure to place your baby on their back. Swaddling or tucking the blanket securely around their arms will prevent them from waking themselves up with uncontrolled arm and leg movements. Check that your baby is not too hot or cold and that the blankets and bedding will not interfere with their breathing.

Soothing your baby to sleep is a wonderful bonding experience for both parent and baby. As you resolve sleep time dilemmas, you will get to know your baby’s personality. You will also be able to get some sleep for yourself!

Find more help on swaddling at Child N Parent.  Our article  for making naptime easier is great help for your older children.

By: Debby Hoffer

7 comments June 2nd, 2008


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