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Exciting Medical Device Gets Rid of Headlice!

Getting rid of head lice will soon be an easier battle for parents and medical persons alike!  The LouseBuster, designed and tested by several people at the University of Utah, is a medical device which can kill lice in one simple dry air treatment. Currently, the LouseBuster is undergoing clinical studies with the hope to obtain FDA clearance by the end of 2008.

Randy Block, President and COO of Larada Sciences, which is a licensee for the LouseBuster device, shared his hopes for the LouseBuster’s future;  “In the United States we could very possibly have this sold to schools, school districts, for school nurses to potentially treat kids right on the premises. Another method would be to sale it to medical professionals so that a person with head lice could get treated at their family doctor.”

Block goes on to speak about lice specialty services and how the LouseBuster could revolutionize the industry “One day a person with head lice will be able to go to one of these specialty clinics or have a mobile service either come to their school or come to their house and perform the LouseBuster treatment right on site.”

Eradicating head lice in one simple treatment at home or at school can save parents both time and money!  For more information on the LouseBuster, see our article  “Medical Breakthrough Wipes out Headlice, the LouseBuster” under Health Topics.

By:  Debby Hoffer

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When Mom is Pregnant

If my baby was a boy, my three-year-old son thought “Mater” would be a good name. Luckily for the baby, it’s a girl. That same child is lucky he wasn’t a girl because his older sisters wanted to name him “Lolly”. I know people who were named by older siblings after “Curious George” and “Marsha” from “The Brady Bunch”.

My husband and I have chosen to tell our three children they are absolutely not naming the baby, and that’s final. But we have still tried to come up with a name they at least like. We’ve started calling her little Claire now so there will be no confusion when she’s born.

When you already have older children, it is really the family that is having the baby. It is important to make sure siblings are involved in the excitement and anticipation of the pregnancy. This helps them to feel a bond with the baby when it is born, and be less likely to feel replaced.

Sometimes I feel a little mauled by the older kids, but know it is important to let them feel the baby move. They love to give her (really my stomach) hugs and kisses.

Older children start to deal with changes from the time Mom becomes pregnant. Early in my pregnancy I was plagued with morning sickness. Sometimes I would run out of the room with no explanation (strange behavior for a mom). My son once followed me to the bathroom, then pretended to throw-up as well.

Other times I would spend long periods of time lying on the couch. I found it good to explain to them what was happening to me and that these things were a normal part of pregnancy. Knowing helped reduce their anxiety.

These things are just the beginning of changes to come. They range from sharing Mom’s attention to shifting beds and bedrooms. It’s important to start preparing children early and make the changes gradually so kids are not hit with everything at once.

For tips on helping get your big kids ready for a baby, visit our tips for siblings article in the pregnancy section of

Happy pregnancy!

By: Megamom
Megan C. Wallgren

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Child Car Safety Seats Recalled

When I strap my child into a car seat, I want the confidence that she is safe and secure. Last year, car seat safety testing by Consumer Reports magazine had many parents questioning the safety of their children in the car seats. The magazine later revised its recommendations, stating that all of the car seats met federal testing standards and that their method of testing was different.

Now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revamped its consumer ratings system for child safety seats. The new rating is a five star system based on the seat’s ability to secure a child, the ease of use and installation, and clear labeling and instruction manuals.

To ensure safety, it is important to never use second hand safety seats, since having been in a previous accident could affect the seat’s stability in a crash. Check your car seat’s expiration date if you’ve used it for more than one of your children. The buckle case on one of my car seats cracked. When we checked the date, it was expired. Also check your car seat against recent recalls.

The Evenflo Company has issued a voluntary recall of 1 million child safety seats. Tests showed the seats could become separated from their base in a high impact side collision.  The recall concerns Discovery infant car seats models 390, 391, 534, and 552 made between April 2005 January 2008.

To correct the problem, Evenflo is offering a free supplemental dual hook fastener to ensure the seat remains attached. It is not necessary for users to return the car seat, only to use the new fastener. To order the fastener call, 1-800-356-2229 or visit the Evenflo website.

For more Parenting Tips and a more complete guide to keeping your kids safe in the car see our website at

By: Megan C. Wallgren

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