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Natural Potty Training Can Help Parents Use Less Diapers

There is a natural potty training method available which can help Parents use fewer diapers and begin their child’s toilet experience as young as six weeks. It’s called elimination communication (EC) or Natural Infant Hygiene and many parents are trying it out.  In her book, “Diaper Free,” The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene, copyrighted in 2000, Ingrid Bauer explains how this new method originated in India and Africa.

Save Money and Protect the Environment

The EC method can save families money and protect the environment. In many countries, landfills full of garbage are becoming a serious concern. Not using diapers on a regular basis means less waste and more protection for the environment.

Families can also save money. It is estimated that the average family will spend over three-thousand dollars in diapers just on one baby! Not to mention that with each diaper change, costly wipes are often used to get baby clean. EC training eliminates much of that cost and less wipes are used when a baby eliminates the mess instead of sitting in it for a longer period of time. Diaper rash becomes non-existent giving a family another savings of not having to buy expensive diaper cream. Baby is healthier and parents are happier knowing that they are doing something good for the environment as well as the family budget.

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By: Debby Hoffer

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Getting Ready to be a Big Brother or Big Sister

A sibling can be a lifelong friend, but sometimes they get off to a rocky start. Big brother or sister may see the new baby as an attention stealer and a little jealousy is not uncommon. These simple ways to get your child ready for their new big kid role can help lessen the sibling rivalry.
Start getting your child ready for the new baby around the second trimester. At this point, there is less chance of miscarriage, but still plenty of time to make adjustments.
When talking about the baby, always refer to it as “our baby”. This helps your older child feel like a part of an expanding family. She will form a bond with the baby early on as she shares in the anticipation.

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New Insight Into the Cause and Treatment of Autism

In his new book, “Changing the Course of Autism”, Dr. Bryan Jepson, shares new insight about autism spectrum disorder which has stumped doctors and researchers for decades. In his book, Dr. Jepson explores three questions in regard to autism “What is the cause?, What are safe and effective autism treatments?, and Can the many therapies that are in use be narrowed and individualized to particular children?” He goes on to define autism as a “metabolic disease affecting multiple organ systems.” Dr. Jepson answers questions and explores child autism with fresh new insight that can help parents of autistic children everywhere.

Not Just a Brain Condition

In the early years, autism was widely perceived to be a psychological disorder mainly located somewhere in the brain and in the emotional make-up of the child. Dr. Jepson blows this theory out of the water with clear cut science designed to help parents and doctors better understand the autistic condition. Both psychological and medical case studies have been conducted to try and pinpoint the cause of this disease. In his book, Dr. Jepson explores the scientific theories regarding the many different factors that play a part in autism. He lists medical case studies and outcomes that have been explored since 1938. Dr. Jepson gives hopeful medical insight into this mysterious condition pointing out how the brain, the immune system, the “gut” or gastrointestinal system and our environmental pollution play key roles in the disease of autism.

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By:Â Debby Hoffer

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