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Could Morning Sickness be a Sign of a Healthy Baby?

Morning sickness is a condition that affects at least fifty percent of all pregnant women. It usually begins with a nauseated feeling and can be accompanied by vomiting. Morning sickness generally begins around the sixth week of pregnancy, and is often most bothersome around the fifth to seventh week. Morning sickness will often last through the fourteenth or sixteenth week of pregnancy and then abruptly end, however it can continue throughout the entire pregnancy. Although morning sickness is far from being a pleasant experience for most new moms, there is a medical theory that maintains that morning sickness could be a sign of a healthy baby.

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Give Your Child a Jumpstart on Learning at Home

Learning for your child does not just start in the kindergarten classroom. Creating a good home learning environment will help jumpstart your children into kindergarten, and give them a lifelong love of learning. Here are the parenting tips to help get your child started.

Parenting Tips for Home Learning

Everyone in your family should have a household responsibility, at least one chore that must be done on time. Have regular times to eat, sleep, play and work. This helps to establish routine and work habits that will help your child in the classroom.

Provide your children a chance to speak and be listened to. Encourage them to use good speech habits, using correct words and phrases and learning new ones. You may know what the cute baby words and phrases mean, but his teacher and peers won’t.

Writing has many developmental stages. Children move from random scribbling to controlled scribbling to random alphabet letters, and on through to consonants representing words. Each step is important, so don’t push your child too fast.

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Controversy Over Vaccinations and Autism

Vaccinations and Autism, is There a Link?

Vaccinations and autism, is there a link? This puzzling question has caused much controversy within the medical community. Parents of autistic children have also been asking questions, prompting medical research to try and determine if vaccines are either safe or dangerous. This interesting history demonstrates the dedication of both parents and doctors all over the world who are concerned about the well-being of every child.

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Teaching Your Child About Water Safety, Part 2

Dive into summer fun by teaching your child about water safety. Summer and water go hand in hand with families all over the country with boating, or taking that relaxing seaside vacation. Children need to understand how to be safe in and around different water situations. Whatever water fun is in your family’s summer plans, read this helpful article at

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