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Help Your “Little Angel” Behave

My three year old son has a best friend. He talks about him all the time and is always asking if the two can play. The problem for me is that they don’t play nice. Give them ten minutes together and all my son’s good manners go out the window. Soon, I am pulling them apart.

No one wants to be the “little monster’s” mom, especially not me. (No one wants to read parenting advice from someone with ill-behaved kids.) So what do you do when your child has problems getting along on play dates?

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By: Megan Wallgren

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Moms Got Away From It All at the Scrapbook USA EXPO!

Moms got away from it all at the Scrapbook USA EXPO! Held in Utah this spring, this scrapbooking event is truly one of a kind. This Scrapbook Expo is much more than scrapbook supplies and scrapbook stores. Tracey Washburn, promoter and partner of scrapbook USA Expo, commented that “These women come from various parts of the country to get away and catch up on their family albums. Women rent hotel rooms and for them it is like a mini vacation.” Long tables for scrappers were set up in the exhibition center and many of the most creative scrapbook suppliers were there to demonstrate how families can protect and preserve those special family memories.
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By: Debby Hoffer

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Make a Big Splash this Summer with Swimming Lessons!

Make a big splash with the kids this summer by enrolling them in swimming lessons through a National Swimming Program! The American Red Cross is a quality organization with a swimming program that is available at many local recreational centers throughout the country. This six level aquatic program is designed so that kids of all ages and abilities can participate, get fit and have fun learning how to swim. This children’s swimming program will give your child swimming skills and teach water safety. Consistency is a big part of the American Red Cross Program as each level builds upon the next. Kids learn and practice until they advance to the next level where previously learned skills are reviewed and new skills are introduced.

Read our full article to help your child with swimming this summer and get great parenting tips at
By Debby Hoffer

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