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Find Quality Daycare For Your Child – Part Two

Security, Safety and Health

Security, safety and health are common concerns when evaluating a daycare center. Many centers are designed with just one entrance that is situated away from the classrooms. La Petite Academy is one such center that has a separate lobby entrance. Classrooms can only be accessed by those with the combination to the coded keypad security system. Each child at La Petite is checked in and out via electronic key pad every day. Only parents and other persons authorized to pick up and drop off a child are given a pin number. All visitors are required to state the purpose of their visit, sign a visitors log and show proper identification. Anyone picking up a child at the La Petite Academy that is not familiar with the staff is required to show proper identification. Staff members also keep on file an updated list of all persons allowed to pick up and drop off each individual child. Tutor Time, another national daycare center boasts a Safe’n’Sound system which stores and gives staff instant access to important medical and authorization information. Tutor Time also utilizes security cameras and observation windows so that all children can be closely monitored. These security and tracking measures are what a parent should look for in a quality daycare center. A daycare center with lax security policies should be a red flag for any parent. Parents need to be interested and stay well informed of the daycare environment for their child.
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By: Debby Hoffer

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Find Quality Daycare for Your Child

Part One

Finding quality daycare for your child is important. In today’s society, the stay-at-home Mom is fast becoming obsolete. Rising housing and food costs are forcing many middle-income families to rely on two incomes instead of one. Women are also more at the forefront of the work force, wanting both a career and children. Working parents often face many crucial decisions regarding their child’s care. Working parents need to ask questions and be informed on what to look for at a child daycare center. Your child deserves quality care.
Our Daycare Guide will be continued in a Part Two.
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Computer Zaps Bugs: Meet the LouseBuster

The LouseBuster safely and quickly kills head lice and their eggs. The power to zap these pesky bugs comes from its onboard microprocessor looped with a heated air source and sensors in the hand held, patient treatment unit. The microprocessor controlled system for treatment of children”s head lice provides heated air for the unit at an effective and safe 59 degrees Celsius. This medical breakthrough device was developed and tested by Professor Dale Clayton and several other researchers at the University of Utah.

The LouseBuster utilizes three key factors to rid a child of head lice; controlled low heat, a special hair lifting comb, and air, lots of dry air. . The cylindrical hand piece rakes the hair and lifts it in relation to the blowing air so that the dry air is blown directly at the roots of the hair where head lice tend to thrive. The head lice and their eggs dry out and die.

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By Debby Hoffer

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