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Teach Your Children About Money Matters

In today’s world of intense advertising and instant self-gratification it is more important than ever to teach our children about money. Janet Bodner, author of “Raising a Money Smart Kid” states that “Study after study shows that kids learn most of what they know from their parents. So what do kids know? Where do Mom and Dad get their money from anyway? Most children are not aware of the concepts of paycheck, bank balance, wise budgeting and saving”. Use these basic tips to teach your child that money really does matter.

Younger children need to first understand the dollars and cents about money. Most children learn the basic math concepts in the second or third grade. Parents can reinforce this by playing games at home with money. Setting up a play store and pretending to buy items from your child using real or play money can be great fun and an effective teaching tool. Online games are also available for children to learn the basics of dollars and cents.

As children grow older they can be included in the family budgeting process.

Teaching your child about money is not always easy, but it is needed more than ever. Sending a child out into the world without teaching them about money is a recipe for disaster. Help your children to be money smart. Visit and get more on teaching children money matters and other useful parenting tips.
By Debby Hoffer

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Childproofing your Home

Make your home a safe place for your child

As hard as we may try, we cannot watch our children every minute, especially those curious toddlers. Taking steps to prevent accidents before they happen will not only keep your child safe, but will give you as the parent peace of mind.

It is important to remember that children are creative and get into the craziest things, so examine your home from a child’s perspective. Keep in mind that children of different ages require different childproofing products. Parents often find a safety checklist useful in making sure that nothing is overlooked when childproofing their home. We recommend the following childproofing checklist at Protect Your Kids
There are many fabulous products on the market designed to assist you in childproofing your home and even your yard. Do your research and re-evaluate often to make sure that your home is childproof. Do it for you, and most importantly do it for your child.

Look for more child safety help and and valuable parenting tips at

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Children’s Ear Infections

Recognizing ear infections in children

You may start to notice that your child is irritable, tugging at their ear, not sleeping well, has a fever, or has thick yellow drainage from their ear. Any or all of these symptoms may indicate that your child has an ear infection, also known as Otitis Media. These symptoms may occur 2 to 7 days after a cold or other respiratory infection. Bacteria cause 65% to 75% of ear infections and the rest are caused by viral infections.

See our article on child ear infection and more on child health and other parenting tips at

By: Vanessa Lee


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